The telecommunication sector in India is the largest in terms of users. There are around 120.6 crore subscribers as on September 30, 2017. This sector has seen an incredible development in India since the turn of the century. The major sectors in this industry are telephone, internet and television broadcast. As a steady rise in Foreign Direct Investment, a number of multinational companies are entering into this sector. This sector has potentially created new job opportunities across the nation. Along with the job opportunities, the telecom companies have some specific demands as well.

Need of the hour

  • The telecom companies require candidates with sound knowledge of this industry, latest trends, and new technology.
  • This industry expects the candidates not only to have sound knowledge but also good communication skill along with decent soft skills.
  • The industry requires candidates with brief knowledge of IT (information technology) industry.

Talensetu Offerings

  • Talensetu understands the requirements of this industry and works for it. The need of skilled workers is everywhere, and Talensetu is right there to provide the skilled workforce.
  • Here at Talensetu, we have designed an orientation program specifically for graduates/undergraduates.
  • We know that only good qualifications are not sufficient to get the right job.
  • The job profiles like a telecommunication technician, a telecommunication specialist, a communication systems operator require industrial exposure.
  • Our orientation program is designed by the respective filed experts. They have included all the necessary exercise required for this industry.
  • Talensetu provides customized telecom and IT staffing solutions. The candidates who have gone through this orientation program are well-trained and industry ready. They possess all the skills that are required for this industry.
  • We understand that technical knowledge is not sufficient to get into this industry. That’s why we have included communication and soft skills in this program.
  • Talensetu bridges the gap between the industry and institution by amplifying the real talent-pool of our country.
  • Along with the staffing solutions, Talensetu offers payroll outsourcing services.
  • Talensetu has established a vigorous team steered by industry experts, equipped with cutting-edge software, and dynamic infrastructure.
  • The services we provide
    • Monthly services It includes salaries of employees, professional tax, and a monthly payment of vendors.
    • Yearly services It includes income tax computation. E-filing of income tax.
    • One time activities Salary structure, issues related to employee welfare schemes.
    • Reports Income tax report, payment report, inventory report, and leave report.
  • We have our staffing services and payroll outsourcing services in leading cities like Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru .
Telecom industry has always been a robust industry. With the new technologies developing in the world, we see this sector only going further creating job opportunities across the nation. Talensetu is proud to be a part of this sector and happy to contribute.