Over the last decade, the retail industry has seen a significant transformation. It has developed, expanded in many ways. The size of the retail industry in India is quite huge. The retail market in India was at Rs. 23 lakh crore in 2011-12. By 2016-17, it has reached to Rs. 47 lakh crore including organized retail and unorganized retail. As retail industry has taken a huge leap, it has created a number of job opportunities as well. However, a retail organization looks for skilled professionals. There are several job opportunities where skilled workers are required. The retail industry is about trust and quality. It takes years to gain that trust from the consumers and it can only be maintained by your reliable workforce.

Retail Industry Needs

  • Commanding PR: The public relations in this industry are quintessential. They are the base of this industry. Unlike any other industry, the retail industry has a direct connection with the common public. Hence, gaining their trust to take further your business is important.
  • Unmatched Quality: The trust can only be gained by the superior quality. Consumers nowadays are ready to spend money but they demand supreme quality. The retail industry needs to deliver the very best to maintain as well as increase their customers.
  • Skilled Staff: The quality of service and the trust can only be achieved if there are skilled employees who are the assets of this industry. They are equally important in every department from logistics, accounts, overall management and many more.

How to Fulfill These Needs

  • To run a successful retail business, all these mentioned requirements should be fulfilled. Talensetu stands firmly in this business to help you fulfill your requirements.
  • We know the real value of skilled workers, and we know how to get them. Talensetu provides one of the best retail staffing solutions in India.
  • Talensetu provides staffing in various departments of retail industry on a contractual basis.
  • At Talensetu, we have designed an orientation program for the candidates who will be chosen by our client from the database. This program is defined according to various industries so that when a selected candidate goes through that program he becomes industry ready.
  • The job profiles in the retail industry like logistics need skilled professional as the workload is enormous and it should be handled carefully. A product’s departure from the manufacturing station, its overall route, its delivery, and inventory is to be handled very carefully. If your company has skilled employees with sound knowledge of logistics, then it would be not only beneficial but also help you expand your business.
  • The other profiles like system manager, general manager, retail associate, customer service representative also need skilled professionals. Talensetu provides just the right candidates with thorough knowledge of this industry so that you do not have to invest your time in the selection process.
  • The other crucial part of the business is the payroll management. Maintaining a huge retail business is a tough job. However, Talensetu can unburden your stress with its payroll outsourcing services.
  • The payroll management involves a number of activities like salaries of employees, provident fund, leaves, payable days, accounts, and payments to wholesalers, income tax and many more. Professionals should handle all these things and Talensetu is right up there to provide. With our expert team, we handle the payroll requirements with unmatched quality so that you do not have to invest your precious time in it.
  • We have our offices in Pune and Mumbai, which are the prime locations when you need staffing service and payroll outsourcing.
We see the retail industry as a potential game-changer in India in terms of economy as well as creating the job opportunities. With our contribution in this industry, we would like to make a difference that brings in a positive change.