Engineering and Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of the oldest industries in India, which is still growing and contributing to the economy. This industry has produced an enormous amount of employment, opportunities. According to a study conducted by McKinsey and company, the Indian manufacturing industry is set to touch the US $1 trillion. It is obvious, the number of job opportunities will be increased; which means the demand for the skilled employees will be more.

Overview of Engineering and Manufacturing Industry

  • In India, there is no shortage of workforce. However, industries not only need larger labor force, but they also want labor force to be skilled.
  • Many manufacturing organizations in the fields of automobile, steel manufacturing, chemical industries, and pharmacy need a large number of skilled employees.
  • The industry wants employees who are technically sound and have brief knowledge about the respective industries.
  • The job profiles like machinist, welder, mechanics, maintenance technician, quality control technician, and supervisor need skilled workers.
  • Some profiles need soft skills as well along with the technical.

Talensetu Offerings

  • Talensetu fulfills the staffing requirements of manufacturing industry by providing them skilled workers on a contractual basis. We provide customized engineering and manufacturing staffing solution and payroll services.
  • In many industries, they require skilled workforce for short period. Talensetu provides them the temporary workers that are skilled and well-trained.
  • We take the full responsibility of the workers we provide. We make sure that, they are well-trained and have sound knowledge of the industry.
  • Some job profiles like a supervisor, warehouse managers or operation manager need to manage the fellow employees. Subsequently, the candidates need to have good communication skills and soft skills. It will help them to manage the work more efficiently. Talensetu makes sure that the candidates will not only be technically sound but will also have good soft skills.
  • With our orientation program created by the industry experts, we assure you the best staffing solutions in India. This orientation program is explicitly designed for the graduates/undergraduates/pass outs/students. We train the candidates according to their qualification and ability and provide you the industry-ready workforce.
  • We have several small or medium-sized manufacturing companies in India, which have a comparatively smaller workforce. Such companies struggle to maintain their payroll due to lack of workers or lack of expertise. Talensetu provides tailored solutions for such companies with its payroll outsourcing services.
  • The payroll management is a complicated job and we know you don’t want to invest your time in that.
  • Instead, contact Talensetu. With our highly efficient and experienced team, and specially designed software, we take care of your payroll management.
  • The payroll services include vendor payments, salaries, leaves, payable days, taxes, salary structure, various reports related to accounting. It’s a ton of work! But we make a lot easier for you by providing the payroll management.
  • We have our agency offices in prominent cities such as Pune and Mumbai.
The manufacturing industry has a bright future and in developing nation like India, we believe we have a part to play in this industry. We see this industry as a golden opportunity for the new generation for better careers.